Conservation and Restoration of Paintings

Polychrome Objects & Museum Quality Frames

Established 1988

Fine art can be truly valuable but we also treat artworks

with sentimental value. Both are irreplaceable. 

 The Iron Maiden

Aunt Edith

1920 - 2007

Willow Glen

Artworks can be damaged easily or the ravages

of time take their toll with cigarette smoke, soot,

yellowing varnish, cracking paint, losses, and tears.

Since you value your art collection, see your art conservator.

You will find it informative and probably fascinating.

We are in the beautiful beach town of

Santa Cruz, CA

You know you have been wanting

to come to paradise. Make a day of it.

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"Tip of the Day"

Shipping or Transporting Your Art

Allow nothing to come in direct contact with your painting such as cardboard, plastic, blankets, sheets, pillows, or bubble pack. You are not making it safer and I will have the devil of a time removing it if it sticks to the varnish. Or it may abrade the delicate surface and we will be sad. Call us. We need to advise you about transporting your art safely.

Can you give me a ballpark estimate?

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If you have art on paper, you

need to consult a paper conservator

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Updated May 20, 2015

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