Chris J. Kenney is the Principal Conservator at MÖBIUS: art conservation inc. which spans three decades of providing expert consultations and fine art services in the Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay area. We specialize in the conservation of oil paintings, polychrome (painted) objects, and we offer period piece picture framing. We provide conservation and restoration services to private clients, educational institutions, libraries, historical societies and properties, museums, interior designers, insurance companies, art and antique dealers, and moving companies.

(831) 464-1418

Land line

Call for an appointment or a chat 7 days a week

1:00 is best for calls and appointments

All treatments are performed according to the highest standards outlined in the Code of Ethics of the American Institute for Conservation

of Historic and Artistic Works

Here are some of the services that we provide:

  • Evaluation of art (structural integrity, visual   aesthetics, solubility testing)
  • Condition surveys of art collections
  • Developing your art collection and purchasing strategies
  • Assistance in developing art sales strategies
  • Digital photography and documentation
  • Packing and shipping recommendations
  • Art research and signature identification
  • Emergency disaster planning and recovery
  • Assisting with insurance claims
  • Archival storage of art and memorabilia
  • Environmental monitoring and pest management
  • Lectures and presentations

Pre-program interns log many hours before entering into a graduate program in art conservation. A former student at Pitzer College, recent intern Amelia Abramson works on a 19th century wooden replica of the Pinta. Because of the machine made nails, the earliest date of creation would be 1830.

Amelia inpaints (retouches) a 19th c. painting and repairs a gilded frame.


Ian McClure poses with a 19th c. copy of Immaculada Concepción by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1617–1682), Spain. Ian has an interest in objects conservation and is specializing in African artifacts while finishing his prerequisites for graduate school.

Chris J. Kenney evaluates a painting at the

Cantor Museum at Stanford


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