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    We contacted Chris for advice about an old oil painting that's been in our family for a long time. We like it, but it was dark with evidence of cracking paint, and we didn't know what kind of cleaning or restoration would be appropriate, if any. We were impressed with Chris's experience and examples of his work. He provided honest, understandable information on the process and decision points for considering restoration. No pressure, no inflated promises; we felt we got a good introduction to the options, and will come back for future consultations as needed.

~ Cynthia Mathews - former Mayor of Santa Cruz, CA

    Chris Kenney is one of those rare breeds: Honest, passionate about his profession/craft, humble, and expertly skilled at what he does. . . painstaking work on a medium he clearly loves. His knowledge of restoration, and art, is deep, enviable. Entrusting one's precious family paintings to another's care is a huge decision. With complete trust, I'd drive miles out of my way to leave him a restoration project. And do.

~ Robin A, Pacific Grove

    We recently had the great pleasure of using Chris's art conservation services. My wife had been gifted an oil landscape painting that clearly needed some TLC. The years had obscured and dulled the Yosemite scene with a brown glaze and water stains. Chris systematically tested various cleaning solvents and enzymes on the edge of the painting during our consultation session while he enthusiastically explained his strategies. The final result was a revelation. Chris restored the vibrant colors and brush effects that the painter intended. The granite walls of  Yosemite now glowed pink in what you could see was the light of the approaching sunset.

    We found the entire conservation process rewarding both because of the great result and because working with someone who loves what they're doing and is really, really good at it is such fun. Further plusses were Chris's frank and transparent business approach, the perfect frame he was able to provide us, and the fact that he bent over backwards to get the whole project finished in time so we could show it off to family visiting from out of state.

~ Bob G., Santa Cruz, CA

    We inherited a valuable painting which had been in my family for over 100 years but it was damaged by movers who did not pack it carefully when we moved to Seattle. Chris Kenney worked on some of our paintings in the past so we knew of the quality of his work and the time and dedication he puts into each restoration. He recommended a qualified art shipper who packed the painting safely and sent it his studio in Santa Cruz.

    Mr. Kenney did a remarkable job at repairing our treasured painting. He recommended cleaning the painting and removing the old yellow varnish before repairing it and now it looks better than before it was damaged. The cost of the art shipping was well worth sending it to a professional art conservator. Although not inexpensive, we know that it was worth it because of the value of the painting and its importance to our family. Thanks Mr. Kenney!

~ San D., Seattle, WA  

    My appraiser, Kathleen Greenaway, recommended Mobius.  I shall thank her, because the proprietor, Chris J. Kenney, did a terrific job of renovating my 115-year-old landscape painting.  Chris is a committed, careful, long-experienced art conservator.  He encourages clients to observe the initial stages, of testing cleaning agents on the normally-hidden edges, and estimating the work involved.  Chris was an excellent communicator, responding promptly to all my concerns.  He completed the work when promised, below the estimated cost.  I am extremely pleased with the result, and I unreservedly recommend him for all your art restoration needs.

~ Bruce H., Mountain View, CA  

    Chris has a wealth of knowledge, is highly skilled & passionate, and his work reflects a life of dedication to getting it right. Even when that means telling you that piece of art a relative gave you isn't a masterpiece. Chris is quite a charming fellow.  He has been helpful to me with a variety of questions relating to pieces other than the one that I took to him some months ago. I recommend him to anyone who wants to have restorations, along with the opportunity to meet a true craftsman.

~ C. H., Gilroy, CA  

    As a soon to be college graduate, I had no idea what I would do with my degree in Art History. I sought out Chris Kenney to learn more about art conservation, and he invited me to intern with him. He was more than knowledgeable about the conservation field and treating artwork as carefully and ethically as possible. For one of my earlier research assignments, I had to learn about the American Institute of Conservation's Code of Ethics. He was also more than patient with me when it came to teaching me new tasks.

    Being an intern at Mobius let me work in the lab of a true professional; someone who knows what he is doing and is honest with his clients. Most conservators will write a quick summary of what they did for your painting, but Chris will spend hours documenting tiny scientific details in his treatment reports and making sure photographs of the conservation process are as perfect as possible. He is one of those professionals. I truly appreciate the time Chris spent mentoring me at Mobius, and I can safely say he is a wonderful person who you can trust to take care of your treasures.

~ Ashley M., San Jose, CA  

    Mobius was recommended to me by a friend who had used the company before and was very pleased.  I recently inherited an oil painting that had been in my family for years.  I loved the painting, but it really showed its age.  I took it to Chris Kenney, the owner of Mobius.  He took the time to explain the restoration process to me, and even showed how he tested some of his cleaning solvents with cotton swabs.  He is very professional, but very practical and pleasant as well.  His evaluation was thorough, and he elicited trust from the get-go.  He understood how important the oil painting was to me, even though it wasn't particularly valuable in monetary terms.  

    He stuck to his time frame, and even though he put in extra hours on the project, he stuck to his price estimate.  Dealing with a family heirloom was an emotional experience for me, and Chris made me feel at ease.  I am very pleased with the results.  The painting came alive after five decades of collecting the grit and grime of everyday life.  In addition, Chris researched the artist and the painting.  I received hard copies and a CD of all the information for future reference, plus "before" and "after" photos.  I thought this level of service would only be available in San Francisco, but Chris of Mobius in Santa Cruz did a great job for me!

~ Jackie H., Mountain View, CA  

    I have used the services of Chris Kenney, owner of Mobius Art Conservation, for many years.  In addition, I have referred many clients to him, all of them were extremely pleased with his work.  I would trust him to work on any art in my personal collection and highly recommend his services for art conservation.

~Bill K., Santa Cruz, CA, Santa Cruz Picture Framing

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